Family Counseling

There are more and more problems related to giving birth.

We find men and women who require counseling on problems of infertility and many other aspects of the couple’s sex life. For this we are experimenting a new family counseling service by phone with a number dedicated only to customers of Mamakit for pregnant women (the counselor by now is a midwife).

Actually opportunities  here open very quickly at the national level for “marital problems” of people at the Base of the Pyramid (remember that the few rich at the top of the pyramid have ready solutions in cities). The consultants needed, the mode of service delivery and the technological tools are still to be assessed, but there is already something active on the market at the base of the pyramid (for example, today with the phone you can pay 3000 tzs and your number is added to a secret group on Whatsapp with whom you can talk with others who have your same sexual problem).