Health Education

Pregnant women are not free as they don’t know why they need to buy certain tools and not others (why 5 gloves? why rubber mackintosh? etc). And the problem is sometimes they lose a lot of money, thanks to Kuliko they can buy the same tools at a really very good price, even with a home delivery service.

Since they don’t know why they need, some people can exploit their ignorance by selling to them bad tools, not enough tools or selling at higher price or not what is real needed (for example, 2 gloves instead of 5, smaller disposable mackintosh instead of big one). Few people cares about giving health education to them, even pharmacists do not educate them when they sell these tools to them and on top of that they give the tools in an open bag.

Since they don’t know what is best for them they rely on information from health workers, who are also few comparing to the pregnant mothers and friends. If they are lucky and find good health officers they will not have any problem; if not, then they will be misguided by corrupted health workers or partial information from friends.



Tunatoa elimu kwa kina mama wajawazito kuhusu kujifungua salama na kutunza watoto wadogo kwa kutumia semina,vipeperushi nk.
Elimu tunayoitoa italeta matokeo matatu:
1. Kujifungua itakuwa salama zaidi – usalama wa mama wajawazito , usalama wa watoto wachanga na usalama wa Wakunga.
2. Kazi ya Wakunga itakua rahisi zaidi kwasababu sisi tunaongea na wajawazito na baba kuhusu hatari za kujifungua, vifaa vinavyohitajika, na kuhusu kufuata maelekezo ya wauguzi.
3. Kupunguza vifo vya watoto wachanga kwani mama anafundishwa jinsi gani ya kumlinda mtoto mchanga.