The founders of Kuliko LTD are seven professionals and entrepreneurs who share the business approach as a solution to social problems. Far away from a welfare approach attitude, Kuliko aiming at full social, environmental and economic long-term: where disadvantaged people become advocates of their own future, directors and co-authors of the improvement solutions. To achieve long-term sustainability and achieve independence from international aid, Kuliko is structured as social business for profit, believing that only in this way can we achieve sustainability and scalability (large numbers, great social impact) Kuliko is non-partisan and sectarian, and research products and services that meet the full tolerance, with the utmost respect for diversity of gender race religion or age or different abilities. Kuliko loves to network and look for collaboration with people and organizations who identify with these values: plans to work with other non-governmental organizations, individuals and associations with informal, with public and private institutions.

bill drayton